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Our Programs & Services

We provide the following helpful resources and programs to substantially improve the quality of life and wellness of our clients and the community:

Life Skills Training, Literacy Training, Addiction & Recovery Services, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Employment Readiness Training, Basic Computer Training, Music and Art Therapy Classes, Recovery Programs & Social Work, Wellness and Holistic Health Services, Housing Location Services, Information and Referrals, Nutrition and Food Assistance.

Life Skills Training

Daily Practical Living Skills Training

We provide hands-on training.  Examples include basics like making one’s bed, getting dressed properly, healthy eating, how to use and heat food in a microwave, finance and budget awareness, counting money for a trip to the store, caring for one’s personal hygiene, and good neighbor practices.

S.T.A.R.T. Gets You on Track

Getting on the Right Track is Key!

People who suffer through difficulties often grow weary and need a jump start.  S.T.A.R.T. House provides the “ground work” and the start you need which includes the coaching, caring, and counseling that is vital to guide you to begin a fresh start and new path on life’s journey.

A Caring Social Atmosphere

Discover a Community that Cares!

Through S.T.A.R.T.  House Summit, you will discover that you are not alone and that there are others to talk with, help you, and who really care.  We develop strong and healthy relationships in a holistic atmosphere that enables growth, support, dignity, and development.

Computer & Job-Readiness Skills

Basic Computer Training and Literacy Skills are necessary to have in a world of information and the internet, We teach our clientele through the Basic Computer I & II Courses, how to type a letter and resume, and search the internet for employment.

A Safe Place to be Restored

People often need time to be restored.

When the circumstances of life have brought about loss of health, emotions, and have debilitated us mentally, we need a safe place where we can connect and be built-up and restored.

Music and Art Appreciation

Music and Art Hands-on Learning

As we know, music and art can be used to heal the soul and provide people a way to express themselves through creativity.  By using their “right brain” skills, it enhances their learning process.


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